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22nd September 2006

I'm Back!

And I Miss seeing my bones..........

Comment my lovelys

24th January 2006

8:40pm: What

keeps you going through the day??

How do u go to school or work and not eat??

I have play practice... and I can't stop thinking about eating.

Do you have any tips, tricks, or low or no calories drinks/food that keep you going through the day??



16th January 2006

3:27pm: I am 128 lbs.

This is not good!

I joined fitday.com and I want to be 110 lbs. for my stg for Febuary 10!!!!!  That means losing 5.04 lbs. a week!

What are some suggestions for how many calories I should eat a day or what my diet and exercise plan should be?

Please help me... we can be diet partners and record our results, obstacles, and achievements!!!

Thanks for all of your thinspiration and support and check out my LJ and


p.s. - thank you all for gving me your opinions on the top 10 reasons you want to loose weight... i loved reading them and I was inspired!

15th January 2006

9:40am: What are your



reasons to

Current Mood: restless

10th January 2006

Kate Moss 5'7'' bmi= 16.8 107lbs

.....enough said!

you inspire Kate
you are my hope
my want
my desire
and it comes oh so easy
one day it will happen
and when it does I will be ready
to love every inch and every bone
of my slender frame
no squeeze ... just wrapped.... I am MY perfection

Current Mood: lazy
8:48pm: help me

i need to weigh 100 pounds but i can't seem to get there

i keep on failing

21st June 2005

11:55pm: hey babes

sorry i haven't updated.... school is finally out and i am soooooooooooo excited!!! I am now wanting to get the body of Edie Sedgwick (a muse of the late great Andy Warhol)

---- if u haven't heard of her they are trying to make a movie about her called 'Factory Girl' (first they wanted Sienna Miller for the part, and then Katie Holmes....but they don't have anyone yet)

This isn't a fancy colorful post like the rest of mine but I will post thinspiration pictures of Edie or post ur own in my community!!!

- last thing.... i have discovered soup broths (the ones low in sodium) are only 15 calories a cup and get me full..... try it sexy lj babes

i have a list of my thinspiration girls (post pics or i will soon post pics of them)
1. Edie Sedgwick
2. Kate Moss
3. Sienna Miller
4. Gemma Ward
5. Angelina Jolie
6. All of the angels (not too much for Tyra anymore)
7. Nicole Kidman
8. Nicole Richie (good job with the weight loss and same with Lindsay Lohan)

Tell me ur favs and post post post

- Chloe

20th January 2005


Wanna Help Me Reach Perfection? I would love a diet partner! Comment back or join __perfect_body!!!! </span>








Current Mood: stressed

9th January 2005

10:22pm: I can't believe how long I have been gone without writing on LJ.... there is a dance coming up in the begining of Feb. and I need to LOSE 10 POUNDS  FAST!!!!!!!!!!

I don't want to starve myself or take pills ( I did get green tea gum though from amazon.com!!!)

Any tips?
How many calories should I eat a day?
And I have bad will power, what should a do to control cravings?

I really thank very one who comments!!!

10 POUNDS!!!!!!  

And did anyone see that Victoria's Secret Special on VH1..... it will make u stop eating lol.....
Love Always,
Chloe..... check out my other LJ entries!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: fat

13th November 2004


I want to be a model
Another teen destruction,
faceless billboard gagged with everyday glam,
just another pretty page in your glossed magazine.

I want to be the girl your eyes linger on
for a moment longer than the rest,
the image of perfection you want to be
but are secretly glad you're not.

I want to be everywhere with you
so all you see is me me me,
the cunt in the tiny red dress you've always wanted
but could never squeeze into.

I want to be the one you're ashamed of
always looking at and envying.
Pin me up on your wall where you'll see
a reflection of yourself; this is what I've made you.

I'll take over lives of happy young girls,
so glamourous yet unhappy now.
You let me take over; now here's what you get:
we're all just fake photos and prints of real life.

I found this in

restricts  's LJ! Thanx for letting me use it!

Comment and post about it!!!! ---- post ur problems,

goals, tips, advice, or questions.

- Love Forever,


and here is my picture for this post:


Current Mood: awake

8th November 2004


wow .. jennifer is amazing!!

- k guys... I can't help but eat I am trying to just not eat, but what shall i do if i find myself grabbing a snack from the fridge? Any advice because I really need some.

So I am trying to eat 500 calories a day and I am going to start to go to the gym again.

I am goin to wear my jewelery I got from Sanrio to help me get through this!!

Peace, love and thinspiration!!

- Chloe

Current Mood: anxious

30th October 2004


29th October 2004


She is thinspiration - and I am soooo excited for The OC on Thursday!


So anyways... I got the lquid diet drinks in the mail. They have so much sugar in them, but I guess if I only drink those and water is less than all the sugar I usually have in a day. i will do the 2 day liquid fast next weekend. Wish me luck.


Go to www.fitday.com to calculate calories and type in your goals and calculate ur exersice.. amazing


Go to www.tinkerfactory.com to get a weightloss scale to keep track of all of the weight u lose and how much more u need to go!!

comment if these things helped u or if u wanna chat

hugs and kisses, bugs and fishes


Current Mood: shocked

22nd October 2004


Mischa Barton

Hey what's up guys? Have u heard of the Hollywood 48 hour liquid diet or those green tea chewing gum... or the mints that stop u from wanting to eat ( slim mints?... i think)... well if u have comment or comment if u watch America's Next Top Model!! It is AMAZING!

<----- Amanda from the show!!


check out my LJ... comment and I'll add u as a friend! peace out darlings!

Current Mood: confused

21st October 2004


I don't have school for 5 days!!!!! I am so exicted! Our school trip was cut short and they gave us a super long weekend! I am going on a major fast and diet for these days! Any advice for lasting 5 days with out eating crap? Any advice for not over eating when I get back to school? Comment darlings!

I will comment back for what I have eaten each day and what exercise I have done.. so post with advice and ur secrets!


Love always,




Current Mood: shy

17th October 2004

1:56pm: I am going on a trip with my school for four days!! What shall I do to not eat that much, but make it look like I am so people don't get worried?

Comment back......
and who watches America's Next Top Model?
The image “http://www.born-today.com/Today/pix/moss_k3.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Current Mood: sick

14th October 2004


Omg!!!She is gorgeous!

Okay guys......when u are in public and evryone
around u is eating cake and pizza and drinking soda what do u eat?

What do u do to make it look like ur eating so ur friends don'tget worried
or how do u not got tempted by their food?

Answer back

- Chloe

Current Mood: tired

11th October 2004


Does anyone have any great foods or drinks that help burn off calories or are good when you are hungry? please comment!!! Thanx!


8th October 2004


 perfection!!! hi I am Chloe and this is my information

hw: 118

lw: 107

cw: 115

height: 5'6

stg: 105


please post on my live journal for help and I will support u too!

much love -


25th September 2004

1:15pm: starting

I am starting my diet today... well i have tryed to start since before summer, but it didn't really work. It is a Jewish holiday and we are supposed to fast... I can't even do that. Last night I ate so much because we had a special dinner at my house. It is 1:00 pm now and I have had a pack of mentos and gum and water and a lollipop. I am going to eat more gum now. Also, I am happy with myself because I went to the gym this morning... not a hard workout but I did well. I know there is another big dinner tonight at my friends... wish me luck. I am 115 pounds and I want to go down to 100? Any adivce?

 <---- dream height and weight


Current Mood: geeky
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